Graphic Design

Manon creates logos, graphic charters, visual themes, posters. She created for us the Musichorus logo and graphic charter.

Manon Senal

Are you performing in concert or in public, and want to look your best? Alice is there for you

The Other Side of the Mirror


Posters Programs Creations

Anne Brisson
Graphic designer. She's familiar with comedy. Logos, posters, programs... ask for them!
Biographer. To celebrate music and musicians in a less classical way.


Raphael from From Scratch can help you create and maintain your websites and other digital environments for your choirs,
he has greatly contributed to the creation of this site,

From Scratch

Websites and Digital


You need photos for your concerts, your website, or simply for yourself, Alexandre is there!

Alex Its instagram

Janick helps startups to make their dreams come true by accompanying them in their technical choices and the realization of their application.
He led the development of the player Musichorus.

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Web Development