Your most frequently asked questions about the Musichorus application


The Musichorus subscription is based on the number of users (singers) it will allow. Usually, choirs subscribe for all their singers, even if an individual subscription is possible.

The price varies according to the number of choir singers who can benefit from this subscription.

The subscription gives access to :

  • all existing titles that are not available in the public area.
  • creation of private tracks, for the user who has taken the subscription. These tracks will be shared with all the singers in the subscription.
  • share the titles with the Community. The user who has taken the subscription will be able to ask other conductors to use the works they have published.

And if you want to test the application, the first month is freeand the subscription is without commitment!

Yes, by subscribing to the service you will be able to create your own works. You will then be able to share them with the users of your subscription.

You will also be able to publish these works in the community, so that other users will have access to them.

All you need is to have your individual voices in mp3 format!

You want to work on a work that is not in our catalog? Ask us to register it!

For a very reasonable fee, we will provide you with the work recorded by professional musicians, and you can share it with your choir for an indefinite period of time.

Also, if you already have some of the voices recorded, our team of singers can complete the voices you are missing.

Subscriptions are monthly, and are taken out each month on the initial subscription date. You can cancel your subscription by going to "My Account/Subscriptions" at any time. Upon termination, all subsequent payments will be stopped. Any month started is paid in advance, the cancellation will only take effect for the next debit.

No problem! And this happens when the number of singers in an ensemble increases or decreases.

All you have to do is cancel the current subscription and take out a new one with a different number of singers. It is advisable to do this at the time of the renewal date, so as not to be penalized financially.

All the works you have created remain attached to your email address, so you will find them with your new subscription.

If you subscribe for a larger number of singers, you will be able to add the new ones. If you subscribe for a smaller number of singers, you will have to reduce the list to a number of singers compatible with your subscription.

When you cancel your subscription, at the end of the current period (the month already paid), you will no longer have access to private tracks, nor to the function of creating tracks. Your singers keep their account on Musichorus, but will no longer have access to their private space, nor to non-public tracks.

Please note that your creations are not deleted. Thus, if you take a new subscription later with the same email address, you will find all your titles in your private creation space.

With one email address, you can only have one subscription, and therefore one choir.

However, if you use different email addresses for each choir, you can then share the works created in one of the private spaces with the other choirs. To do so, you just have to use the "Share" function on the menu of the work in the creation space.

Once the subscription Musichorus, you can manage choir singers which will have access to the titles to which you are subscribed, or those that you have created. You manage your choir in the "My account/My choir".

The choir singers are defined by their email address, and it is enough to manage the list, by adding or removing addresses. If the email address is unknown to Musichorus, an account is created, and an email is sent with a temporary password. If the account already exists, the Choir singer will receive an email indicating that it is part of your choir. Indeed, a Choir singer can belong to several ensembles, and aggregate the works of each of the choirs in which it participates.

When you register your choir singers, they receive an email with the address of the application, as well as their connection information (password, email address as login).

If you want to give them more information about the application, you can forward them the guide from Choir singer or send them a link to it.

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