A few simple steps to enjoy Musichorus


Choose a subscription based on the size of your choir.
See rates here.

Enjoy a free month

The first month is free, and there's no commitment. You can cancel at any time by logging on to your account at www.musichorus.com.

Create your own artwork

Use the artwork editing tool to create your first titles. Make them available to choir singers.

Register your choir singers

Log on to www.musichorus.com Go to the My Choir page, and register your choir singers by entering their e-mail address. If they are not yet known to Musichorus, an account will be created for them, and they will receive their password by e-mail. If they are already part of a Musichorus-subscribed choir, they will receive an e-mail indicating that they are part of your choir.

Your choir singers customers will then have access to the works you've created in their Private Space.