They talk about it

Musichorus finally provides a concrete answer to all choir singers who wish to become autonomous and learn new scores quickly.
It's easy and fun to use, and vocal progress is guaranteed.
Use without moderation !

Musichorus is an ideal application for helping amateur choirs get to grips with music. Developed by a musician who is also an IT expert, it allows choirs to adapt the use of scores to their needs. An opportunity for choirs to work more effectively with a shared experience. The app we've been waiting for! Thank you so much! 
Just the tool every choir singers enthusiast dreams of: no more hours of searching on the Internet, no more midi recordings you don't want to listen to, no more passages you have to listen to 200 times because they go so fast!
With just one flaw, we'll have no more excuses not to work. 


I've tried Musichorus and I'm thrilled! It's simple and very intuitive. I'm impressed by the synchronization of the voices.
And above all, goodbye to those unbearable synthetic voices!
It's the ideal work tool.



I was delighted to be able to hear all the possibilities open to us for working, by section, with the orchestra or with all the voices.
It's great to play with the knobs and adjust the sound as you like in each voice.
I hope that all choir singers will be able to repeat with as much pleasure.
I've just tested the various options, main voice, solo, playing with amplitudes to attenuate "echoes", or studying the combination of several voices. 
Of course, it's no substitute for a singing session, but it should indeed help in these troubled times. 🙂