You are a Choir leader and you've had enough
of sending files that nobody listens to?

Use Musichorus to integrate your audio media in just a few minutes, and let your choir singers customers benefit from the application's unique features!

Your choir singers will finally be able to use your work, and you'll save precious rehearsal time!

Create your own songs

All you need is individual voices in mp3 format. Whether you have voice recordings, or synthetic tracks from music creation software, you can upload them to Musichorus and provide your choir singers with all the application's unique features.

A composer, a track name, some mp3 files, and off you go!

Note that you can position the voices in space (pan) for stereo listening on headphones. This is a great help to choir singers in identifying different voices.

And access all the other Musichorus possibilities

Upload the score

You just need to have images of the different pages or systems (for greater legibility). All you need to do is indicate the timing: at what point in the playback should this page appear... And that's it! Note that the pages will continue to scroll at the right moment, even if Choir singer changes the tempo.
Please only upload scores for which you have the rights (royalty-free or purchased by your choir singers ).

Position your restart points

To help your choir singers to restart at key points in the work, simply indicate a text (bar number, letter on the score) and the timing of this mark. The white cue bars will be positioned as you listen.

Information about the work

Text of the passage, information about the composer... the information text is rich and free.

Additional files related to the work

Additional files can be associated with the song: audio files (for foreign-language pronunciation, for example), Internet links (to outstanding interpretations), text files (for the conductor's recommendations). See the full video...

Watch the full presentation video

Watch full presentation video